This concentrated, multi-purpose neutral cleaner is dispensed ready-to-use from your Pro-Con dispenser. Its controlled foaming, non-stripping, free rinsing formula works great for daily mopping of floors, especially in high traffic areas. It will not strip or dull floor finish and has a great orange fragrance. It is ideal for use in automatic scrubbers. This concentrate is also an excellent cleaner for any surface not harmed by water alone.

Product Details**
Color Clear Orange
Detergency Excellent
Odor Pleasant
Ph 8
Rinsability Excellent
Solubility In Water Complete
Specific Gravity 1.025
Viscosity <5
Shipping Weight and Dimensions
height 14 5/8 in
length 9 1/4 in
weight 22.5 lbs
width 6 5/8 in