Lysol Advanced Toilet Bowl Gel Cleaner (32 fl. oz., 4 pk.) cleans and disinfects toilets. The thick formula sticks to the toilet bowl for excellent deep cleaning and kills 99.9% of viruses and bacteria with complete clean power. The angled bottle targets hard-to-reach areas, including under the rim, to leave your entire toilet bowl sparkling clean, deodorized and disinfected.

This package of Lysol Advanced Toilet Bowl Gel Cleaner includes 4, 32 fluid ounce bottles for a total of 128 fluid ounces of toiler cleaner. Its ultra-powerful formula allows for 20% more stain removal than other leading toilet cleaning products and removes even the toughest stains in mere seconds. When used as directed, it's capable of dissolving rust and mineral marks and disinfects as it cleans, including eliminating salmonella, rotavirus and E. coli bacteria. This Lysol toilet cleaner is also safe for your septic system and leaves behind a fresh, clean scent.