Lo-Temp Dish Rinse Aid, 5 gallon pail

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  • For use with all types of auto rinse injectors.
  • Helps prevent water spotting.
  • Special conditioners to reduce surface tension.
 Safety Data Sheet(SDS)  Download
This product is an EPA registered, sodium hypochlorite solution for sanitization in the Food Processing and Food Service industry. It is an effective sanitizer for utensils, glassware, equipment and as a terminal sanitizing rinse in machine dishwashing. It may also be used manually as a “third sink” sanitizer or as a spray sanitizer.
Product Details**
Color Clear Blue
Hard Water Tolerance Very Good
Odor Mild
Ph. 8.5
Solubility In Water Complete
Specific Gravity 1
Viscosity 25 Cps
Wetting Excellent