Acry-Seal Floor Sealer, Gallon, 4/case

  • Enhances performance of water base finishes.
  • Premium non-yellowing formula for long service life.
  • Easy to use, excellent leveling.
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Providing the basis for excellent results in floor care, this sealer penetrates and seals pores in resilient flooring prior to finish application. Easy to use, it enhances performances of most water based finishes. Non-yellowing for a long service life, this detergent resistant product is readily removed with a variety of strippers.
Product Details**
Color (Dried) Clear Colorless
Color (Liquid) Milky White
Coverage Avg. 1600 Sq. Ft./Gal.
Flash Point None
Leveling Excellent
Odor Mild
Ph. 10
Specific Gravity 1.023